Plan Description

The second option available is through Kaiser Permanente, a health maintenance organization. If you reside in a Northern California Kaiser Service Area, you have the option to enroll yourself and your eligible Dependents in the Kaiser Permanente Health Plan option. Kaiser does not provide benefits for Participants residing outside of the Northern California Kaiser Service area. 

Kaiser's medical care program provides access to services such as routine care with your own personal Plan Physician, hospital care, laboratory, pharmacy services, and many other benefits described in the Kaiser Disclosure Form and Plan booklet. At most Northern California Kaiser Plan Facilities, you can usually receive all of the covered services you may need, including specialty care, pharmacy, and lab work.

Eligibility Requirements

Actives and Retirees

Claims Procedures

A separate Kaiser booklet is available at the Plan Office which describes this coverage. If you are interested in Kaiser Health Plan coverage and wish to receive a Kaiser packet please contact our office at (408) 288-4433 or (800) 541-8059.

If you have questions about grandfathered health plans, please call Kaiser’s Member service Call Center. 

Kaiser Member Service Call Center
(800) 464-4000 (English)
(800) 788-0616 (Spanish)