Accidental Death & Dismemberment

When, within ninety days after and as a direct result of an accidental injury, you sustain one of the losses listed below, a dismemberment benefit or the accidental death benefit is paid to you or your beneficiary. This Plan is insured by ING.

$10,000 will be paid if you are under age 70 for loss of:

  • Life
  • Both Hand or Both Feet
  • Sight of Both Eyes
  • One Hand and One Foot
  • One Hand and Sight of One Eye

$5,000 will be paid if you are age 70 or older
One-half the benefits show above is paid for loss of:

  • One Foot and Sight of One Eye
  • One Hand or One Foot
  • Sight of One Eye

Only one benefit is payable as a result of all losses sustained in any one accident, that is the one for which the greatest benefit is payable.

Loss means, with respect to hands and feet, the actual severance at or above the wrist or ankle joints; with respect eyes, the entire and irrecoverable loss of sight. Limitations: the benefit does not cover loss caused by: war or any act of war (whether or not declared); disease or infection (except infection of an accidental wound); suicide, intentional self-inflicted injury, or attempt at suicide while sane or insane.

For details on your benefit coverage, please refer to ING’s Evidence of Coverage Booklet. The Evidence of Coverage Booklet is the binding document between the Plan and its participants.

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